Krista – Owner, Chief Executive Officer

Krista is the owner of Up to Par Cleaning. She enjoys running the many facets of her business, and letting the entrepreneurial spirit soar. Each year, Krista seeks to grow and develop her business on the intricate levels, by combing through it with a fine tooth comb. On a day-to-day basis, Krista spends her time both in the field cleaning, and in the office serving current and incoming customers.

Chris Burns – Business Manager & Customer Service Manager

Ashley – Field Operations Manager 

Sarah E – Accounting Manager

Brenda – Commercial Team Leader

Sarah D – Residential Cleaning Partner

Sarah D. works for us part-time and maintains the homes of our residential customers. The residential customers she cleans for absolutely love her and the excellence in cleaning quality she provides. Sarah will make you laugh, and smile, too!

Selam –  Team Leader 

Dallas – Residential Cleaning Partner

Kimber – Residential Cleaning Partner

Gabby – Commercial Cleaning Partner