1We Provide the Following Services to Southwest Washington

Cowlitz County Maid Service Company

Our professional Maid Service relieves you of weekly house cleaning duties, and gives you the freedom to enjoy time with family and friends, for hobbies, recreation, and weekend activities. Our customers love our weekly and bi-weekly services the most, as it ensures their home is kept up at a low-cost to them.

Seasonal Cleaning and Deep Cleaning

Call on us for a thorough clean during the Spring and Fall seasons, before or after hosting out-of-town guests, and for Special Occasion cleanings as well. We know how much work and uninterrupted time it takes to accomplish a true level of clean. Dirt and grime accumulate over time, and may not get cleaned up on a regular basis, until you notice it when you’re under pressure to get the house together. A seasonal or deep cleaning is ideal for any modern-day family.

Move-In/Move-Out Cleanings

Our well-trained and experienced move-out cleaners are members of our staff who have proven that they can handle this type of cleaning efficiently and effectively.

We provide all of the equipment and supplies necessary to make this type of cleaning go smoothly, working off a very detailed list of what is important to you.

Move-out cleanings are done on an hourly basis.

Please remember that we cannot make promises or guarantee in any way that these figures will be accurate for your home. There are so many variables that effect the time it takes to do a move-out clean that there is no way our staff can predict them accurately for every circumstance.

Post-Construction Clean-Up

The last thing a contractor or new location owner wants to do is clean. That’s where we come in! Call today to book your post-construction clean-up appointment with us, and expect to be charged a fair and reasonable price by us. We will do it all from start to finish, from removing floor covers and discarding of them, to removing the last speck of construction dust.

You can expect a thorough, top to bottom, ceiling to floor, wall to wall clean of all fixtures, finishes, surfaces, etc, inside and out! We will also provide you with a detailed cleaning of interior and exteriors of windows, as well as tracks, screens, and all framework.

We bring all the equipment, specialized tools and cleaning supplies, ladders, extension rods, etc to do the job! No worries for you!

We have partnered with many contractors in the area, and work with them on a regular basis. We would love to add a contracting business to our client base, and assist you with this last (or close to last) step of the process. So give us a call! 360-747-8488 ext 102.

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